Do you have a good luck charm? Throughout the ages, peoples of all faiths have enhanced from the use of different types of amulets as good luck magnet.  Good luck charms and ritual are a fun way to make one get luckier. A positive attitude is a great way to improve your luck and attract good luck. People like to think that they are in control  of their destiny, but often time luck makes a fun of our best intentions. Have you ever acknowledge that you talk about luck all the time of your life? Luck is your intangible buddy, now and then bringing cool parking spaces, a lucky seeing with a new lover interest, or a small windfall. A few seconds of bad fortune can undo years of laboring, while a moment of good luck can lead to life time success and happiness. Luck has the power to transform the  doubtful
into the possible to make the differences between life and death, reward and ruin, happiness and despair. Without warning, it can do so in a flash.

Four leaf clover is the most well known lucky  token around the world and across many very different  countries. It is the most common yet the unwonted to find. On average, there are 100,000 three leaf clovers for every instance of a true four leaf clover. Luck favors the person who has a four leaf clover. An abundance of all existing pleasures and fortune will comes to one who bear this four-leaf clover lucky charm.

Indescribable Key ChainThe picture says its all. If you’re feeling unlucky in the copulation department, then this trinket is for you. the site where I saw this says it was probably from the 70s because of the physical features of both the man & women, reminiscent of the trends during that year.

Money TreeWith the price of oil going haywire these days, perhaps I shall purchase my own money tree although I think gamblers need these more than me (or maybe my mom who is a bingo enthusiast). Whatever your reason maybe, the money tree will bring you luck in the financial department. popular with the gambling folks

Swastik Pyramid YantraAs it says on the site, it should not be confused with the Nazi Swastika, but it gets points for interesting for me. the Vedic Swastik is the symbol of Ganpathi, the lord of good fortune. Again another “general” use lucky charm that you might like to purchase. they don’t come cheap these lucky charms!

Omamori Charm from JapanSuspiciously looks like a tea bag to me! It’s a charm for protection from various elements (ghosts and other vicious back stabbers beware). it also helps a bit in gambling (what is with these general purpose lucky charms!?). Looks nice with its traditional print, and an added bonus! If you keep it in your car and backpack, you’ll have a more auspicious or luckier chance with the women. Doesn’t hurt to try! If you’re a fan of Japanese Culture, this is for you.